Horaplus je upotpunila svoju kolekciju klasičnih satova sa novim pametnim satovima branda Armani, Diesel i Fossil.

Pametni satovi nikada nisu izgledali bolje!



Fossil Press Release Summer Izzy Bizu_Final_English

Here’s what we’re bringing to the table this season: an it-list of classics with a curious twist. The Classics-ish, if you will.
We all know classic styles are called the classics for a reason. They’re tested. They’ve been worn and styled so many times, they’re no longer trying too hard and they’re just what they are – great designs that help us look better than we would otherwise. (Think simple stripes or denim blue.)

With this as our starting point, we had a little fun this season. After all, who wants a classic if it’s not curiously, well, you? Mmhmm – one of a kind, colourful, a little bit rebellious – we know you.

Let us be your accomplice in style this season to build a watch, a look, or a wardrobe. And show us your curious self like never before.